WHY OBP AcademiaThe best coworking space in Osaka, Japan

WHY OBP Academia? | Your work space @Osaka Castle

If you are looking for coworking space in Osaka, here it is.

Unless you are an agent of super big company, you don't want to pay a big rent just to secure a place to sit and open your laptop.
OBP Academia provides you a seat with every amenities you need to spend a business day from 7am to 11pm.

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What you can do in OBP Academia

OBP Academia is designed for members to:
Work....This is our basical function.
Study.... Our library provides you quiet environment for you to concentrate.
Read.... And we provide good selection of Japanese books.
Interact.... Members are encouraged and supported to connect to each other.
Seminars....You can take various kinds of classes provided in our seminar room.
Relax.... Sit back. Have coffee. Or you might take a nap on our comfortable chairs.

Our Mission

Revival of Osaka Business Park

Osaka Business Park (OBP) was developed in mid 1980s on a long wasted land which used to be a largest arm factory destroyed by American bombers in 1945.
While neither national nor local government could propose an actual plan to renovate the ruins, a team of private companies stood up to develop the area into a modern business area. Thus, OBP was established as a first private initiative project to develop as large as 65 acre blocks in middle of a metropolis.

It has been 30 years since the Osaka Business Park established and we try to revive the original enthusiasm in a new style to develop this area as a symbol of our city's vitatlity.

OBP Academia locates itself on the 9th floor of MID Tower, the center icon of this area. Our mission is to empower people and activate the community through our projects.

Creating a "City of Cultural Interaction"

OBP is a business area consisted of several slyscrapers and highly sophiscated infrastructure.
And it's also located just in front of a beautiful Osaka Castle park filled with trees and blossoms.
Equipped with historical, natural and business resources、we beleive that our networking will develop into a power to change this area into a "City of Cultural Interaction".

We give amenities you need. Give us your power to our mission.